Madalina Ghenea: Gerard Butler “wanted to come” to her brother’s wedding

Here’s what Madalina Ghenea had to say on the wedding day when journalists asked her why he didn’t join her:

J: Madalina, tonight will you be alone or with …?

MG: Yes, I’ve already told you.

J: There were some rumors that Gerard would actually show up.

MG: It’s not true, I’m alone.

J: Will your boyfriend come?

MG: He won’t come, I promise he won’t come, I promised that.

J: Where will they go on honeymoon?

MG: Unfortunately they will honeymoon in December because they’re both working.

J: Tell us about Gerard.

J: Why didn’t he come?

MG: I told you yesterday what are the reasons.

MG: I explained yesterday as well, it would have turned into an event dedicated to him, and I am confident about that.

J: He didn’t want to come ….?

MG: He wanted to come, yes.

J: Do you miss him?

MG: It’s normal, right?

J: Will you join your brother on honeymoon?

MG: Yes.

J: With Gerard?

MG: I don’t know, we’ll see.

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