Dick Van Dyke has been rescued from his car on fire

The actor, 87, was driving a Jaguar when it was engulfed in flames on the Ventura freeway in Los Angeles.

According to the actor, more motorcyclists stopped to help him and one of them, who apparently was a professional firefighter, said that the actor was still in the driving seat of the car on fire.

The emergency services decided to pull the car as a precautionary measure.

“They thought I had passed out so they yanked me out of the car,” the actor tells TMZ.

”It just started making a noise, and I thought I had a flat at first, then it started to smoke, then it burned to a crisp,” Dyke continued.

“Not only that, there was a fireman, a nurse and a cop just happened to be passing by. Somebody’s looking after me.”

Firefighters who arrived at the scene were able to extinguish the fire.

Dick Van Dyke didn’t need to be taken to hospital.