96-year-old pens heartbreaking love song to late wife

Fred Stobaugh, 96, from East Peoria, Illinois, joined a local studio’s singer-songwriter contest and his application was indeed unique.

The couple met in Peoria in 1938 and married after two years. They had three children and four grandchildren.

“She was just the prettiest girl I ever saw. Real timid, like. I just fell in love with her right there,” Stobaugh says.

The couple remained united for 75 long years until Lorraine passed away in April at the age of 91.

“After she passed away, I was just sitting in the front room one evening by myself, and it just came right to me,” he says. “I just kept humming it and singing it … It just fit her.”

“I really, really miss her. It just don’t seem right [that she’s gone]. Like a dream.”

After hearing the song produced by the studio for free, Fred called the tune “wonderful”.