iPhone 5C leaked photos and videos show packaged device

The photos were posted by various sites, including iApps.im, which shows the smartphones in red, blue, white and yellow plastic shells.

Two other photos were published by Chinese site Weibo and they present a phone diagram, instruction manuals and SIM card ejection tools.

Although the authenticity of the photos isn’t confirmed, we do know that Apple partners have started producing the smartphones, so the image could have been made ​​by an employee of an Asian factory.

The packaging in the images seems to match photos that appeared in July which first showed the “iPhone 5C.”

Also, a leaked video from Chinese technology blog C Technology shows a demonstration of how a red iPhone 5C works as it is used to surf on some web pages.

Only the front side of the device is shown and how Apple’s website is loaded on Safari in iOS 7.

More and more pictures of the next iPhones keep surfacing as we get closer to the rumored September 10 keynote.

Via 9to5Mac