iPhone 5S – what is and isn’t known about the next iPhone

Photo Credit: Sonny Dickson

At the moment we know that Apple will present the next iPhone during a keynote on September 10. Thanks to a multitude of leaked photos and videos we already have an idea of the design, the A7 chip will be up to 31% faster than the one available in the iPhone 5, and the handset is also rumored to incorporate a fingerprint scanner.

We don’t know yet if Apple has decided to keep the same price, whether the device will support all GSM/LTE networks, what software updates will be features, details about the battery or whether there will be two models.

Anyway we have to wait until September 10 to see what surprises Apple has prepared for us.

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C will be released on the market on September 20, according to recent rumors.