Burberry releases full video of London fashion show shot with iPhone 5S

Last week Apple and the fashion company announced that the parade of the luxury British brand would be fully captured with the camera of the new iPhone 5S.

The event took place on Monday and Burberry has now posted ​​a 15-minute video of the event online.

For the Spring-Summer 2014 fashion show Burberry made ​​use of the new slow motion function on the iPhone 5S.

Pocket-Lint gave additional information, explaining that photographers used 14 Burberry iPhone 5S models.

The camera of the iPhone 5S is equipped with a new sensor that has a 15% larger active area than the one on its predecessor, a dual-LED flash, a F2.2 aperture, a new burst mode that shots photos at 10fps, and a slow motion mode with 120fps.

The smartphone will hit stores on September 20 in 11 countries.