iPhone 5S teardown reveals Sony camera sensor

iFixit‘s teardown of the iPhone 5S shows that the smartphones comes with a “new variant” of the Sony sensor, similar to the iPhone 5.

“The…markings are consistent with the markings on the camera modules housing the Sony IMX145 we saw in the iPhone 4s and on the iPhone 5. The marks on the side of the module are different, but our industry insiders tell us this is Sony’s again…As Apple has stated the pixel pitch on this camera is 1.5 µ, this sensor should not be the IMX145, but a newer variant,” the site noted.

The teardown also analyzed the new sapphire Home button and the fingerprint reader.

“A CMOS chip, the Touch ID is essentially a bunch of very small capacitors that creates an ‘image’ of the ridges on your finger,” iFixit wrote.

“We worry about how well the sapphire crystal covering the sensor can protect it from degrading over time like most CMOS fingerprint sensors,” iFixit added.

The experts had something to comment about regarding the battery, suggesting that it may be a bit hard to replace it.

“Perhaps the ‘s’ in 5s stands for ‘stuck,’ as in ‘this battery is stuck in with a lot of glue.'”