iPhone 5S – woman gives up Louis Vuitton bag to advance two places in a queue for new iPhone

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Lisa Hoffman was willing to give up her precious bag to advance two places in a queue – held by two ladies which were delighted by her Louis Vuitton bag – formed in front of an Apple Store for the iPhone 5S.

She decided to do so after the store manager informed customers that they may not have enough devices.

“They decided they were going to do a swap with me. They liked my Louis Vuitton bag so they would give me their spot so I was guaranteed hopefully one in place of Louis Vuitton bag,” she revealed.

Although she had only 3 or 4 people in front of her, the woman traded the bag.

And it was not even about the phone as much it was for keeping Steve Jobs’ memory alive.

“It’s not even about the phone,” she said.

And after purchasing the iPhone, the woman exclaimed: “It’s the best feeling ever! Thank you Steve Jobs. You’re looking down at us!”

Source: WCSC-TV