Apple’s A7 chip teardown reveals 28nm manufacturing process

Chipworks and iFixit have made a thorough analysis of the A7 chip and other parts of the iPhone 5S.

Chipworks claims that the CPU is produced using a 28nm manufacturing process, an line with rumors that appeared online in recent months.

The power of the chipset is explained by the fact that the distance between each chip transistor is 114 nanometers, whereas with the A6 it measured 123 nanometers.

The M7 was also analyzed by Chipworks who found that it is an ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller running at 180 MHz.

It allows low-power observation of motion data from a Bosch Sensortec 3-axis accelerometer, an STMicroelectronics 3-axis gyroscope, and an AKM 3-axis magnetometer.

iFixit discovered that the device has the same Wi-Fi module as the iPhone 5, whereas the Qualcomm 4G LTE modem functions on a two-chip system provided by Samsung.