iPhone 6 rumors: here’s what the next iPhone could bring

iPhone 6 concept – ADR Studio

CNET’s Lance Whitney has written an article about the possible features of the rumored iPhone 6.

Whitney expects the device will come equipped with a larger display, but without falling into the category of “phablet.” The screen for the iPhone 6 could measure at least 4.5 inches, he believes.

The columnist also argues that the future Apple iPhone may bring Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

He says Apple is very cautious about adopting new technology and will likely wait until this field is firmly established before jumping on the bandwagon. And the company may feel ready to do so with the iPhone 6.

He argues that Cupertino may adopt the same waiting strategy as far as NFC is concerned but that given the numerous rumors about the integration of this function into the iPhone, 2014 could finally see that happening.

A higher-pixel camera is also among the possible new features introduced on the next iPhone, especially as Apple has to be ready face competition in this field.

Another new thing Apple could bring with the iPhone 6 would be a 128GB version, just like they did with the iPad 5 in January that came with such an option.

Finally, improved battery life is the first and most important aspect that iPhone users want to see in their handsets, Whitney believes, but that might be a difficult task since the battery drain is caused by the cool features that make fans love the device.