iPhone 5S camera review features in-depth analysis, iPhone 5 photo comparison

Apple equipped the device with an improved camera system with an 8-megapixel sensor and a 5-element lens with an aperture of f/2.2

The camera also features a “True Tone” dual-LED flash, a world first, with two LEDs – cool white and warm amber.

The combination of the two lights is meant to get the right color balance and the new flash can automatically adjust the color and intensity in more than 1,000 combinations.

Here’s what reviewer Dean Holland had to say about the iPhone 5S camera.

“If you already have an iPhone 5, here’s what AU$1,129 (US$1,060) buys you for a 64GB iPhone 5S, photographically-speaking: 15% larger pixels, a slightly wider and 20% brighter lens, and a colour-changing flash,” Holland wrote. ”Plus benefits from faster processing, including a burst mode, a ‘dynamic local tone map’ said to improve highlight and shadow detail, a behind-the-scenes multi-shot feature to reduce blur, panoramas that change brightness through the scene, and slow-motion video. This suite of changes would sound impressive in a dedicated camera. And it strikes directly at the common complaints that we hear from people who shoot on phones: wobbly pictures, poor low-light results, slow shooting and a truly hopeless flash. But will it make enough of a difference to be worth buying?”

The article provides several photos and thorough analyses of the camera’s capabilities, offering an interesting review.

“Compared to shooting with a dedicated camera, shooting with a phone has lots of technical compromises. No zoom, no raw, no shallow depth of field, no shooting darker than EV-0.5, and relatively poor picture quality once you step indoors. And these are exactly the things that draw me to mobile photography, because they force me to be creative and keep it fun,” Holland explains.

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