iPhone 5S new A7 chip comes with quad-core graphics

The Chipworks team performed a detailed investigation into the new A7 chip and revealed a quad-core GPU.

Here are the major findings: “We publish this with the caveat that these are best guesses – we have not done any real circuit extraction to confirm them. The dual-core CPU and cache make up ~17% of the die area, and the quad-core GPU and shared logic about 22%. The CPU itself is not packed the same way as the A6 (see below), it looks much more like a conventional automated layout; although Linley Gwennap thinks that it’s still Apple designed, not the first ARM A53/57 usage.”

It is also revealed that the CPU portion of the chip is located at the lower left part and the quad-core graphics on the lower right corner.

AnandTech previously discovered that the graphics had PowerVR G6430 configuration from Imagination Technologies, as part of their new “Rogue” series of GPUs.

Also of interest is what seems to be the SRAM cell, a large block above the graphics cores. Given its size, Chipworks assumes the SRAM module represents an estimated 3 MB of storage.

Via MacRumors