iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6: carrier release, teardowns, specs and more

On Friday, September 20, Apple launched the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, selling an estimated 9 million devices in 10 countries during the release weekend.

Apple managed to break its own record as the figures this year outsold the 5 million iPhone 5 devices the company gave away last year in the debut weekend.

Analytics firm Localytics found that the iPhone 5S turned out three times more popular compared to the iPhone 5C in the U.S., and the device scored even five times higher in Japan.

The research also revealed that China was the country with the most iPhone 5S units sold, followed by Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

78% of the devices sold by Apple worldwide were iPhone 5S units.

Ten regional U.S. carriers announced this week that they will be launching the two iPhones on October 1.

They include Virgin Mobile US, Appalachian Wireless, C Spire, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellcom, GCI, MTA, Nex-Tech Wireless, Ntelos and Strata.

Several teardowns were performed on the devices following their launch.

Market research firm IHS discovered that Apple spends $199 to build the 16GB iPhone 5S, and $218 for the 64GB version.

Regarding the iPhone 5C, HIS found that the handset costs somewhere between $173 and $183, with an assembly cost of $7.

The displays turned to be the most expensive parts, estimated at $41.

A teardown by Chipworks team gave a detailed look at the new A7 chip and revealed a quad-core GPU.

A review of iPhone 5S camera performance showed the device’s performance in terms of bright and low-light, panorama, speed and battery life among others.

And finally, something funny related to the new iPhone has to do with what a woman from Charlestown was willing to give up in order to keep the memory of Steve Jobs alive.

About Apple’s next iPhone, CNET’s Lance Whitney has written an article about the possible features of the rumored iPhone 6.