Mia Farrow reveals that the father of her son Ronan could “possibly” be Frank Sinatra, not Woody Allen

Ronan Farrow/Twitter

Farrow, who had 15 children (four biological and eleven adopted during her relationships with Andre Previn and Woody Allen), revealed that Frank Sinatra, with whom she was married from 1966 to 1968, was the greatest love of her life.

“We never really split up,” Mia Farrow said in an interview published in the November issue of Vanity Fair.

Asked by Vanity Fair’s Maureen Orth if Ronan could be Sinatra’s child, the actress gave an ambiguous response: “Possibly.”

Ronan Farrow/Twitter

Ronan Farrow/Twitter

A DNA test was never made and Farrow, 68, admitted her relationship with the singer during her relationship with Allen.

Ronan, 25, is treated like a family member by the Sinatra clan.

“He’s a big part of us, and we are blessed to have him in our lives,” Nancy Sinatra, 68, the singer’s daughter told the publication. Sinatra died in 1998 at the age of 82.

Woody Allen, who was her life partner for 12 years, has been married to Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, 40, who is also Ronan’s sister, since 1997.

Another topic included in interview is related to the sexual abuse case involving her adopted daughter Dylan and Woody Allen.

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