Miley Cyrus – Sinead O’Connor feud continues

Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Cyrus recently told Rolling Stone magazine that the video for her Wrecking Ball song was inspired by O’Connor’s 1990 hit Nothing Compares 2 U.

The We Can’t Stop singer also mocked Sinead’s mental health issues from two years ago, writing on Twitter, “Before there was Amanda Bynes.”

In several open letters published since Thursday, October 3, on her Facebook page, Sinead O’Connor warned Miley Cyrus on the dangers of her provocative behavior and threatened legal action if she didn’t apologize.

“The music business doesn’t give a s— about you, or any of us,” O’Connor wrote Thursday.

“They will pros—ute you for all you are worth, and cleverly make you think it’s what YOU wanted and when you end up in rehab as a result of being pros—uted.”

“Miley…Really?” O’ Connor wrote in her second letter.

“Who the f–k is advising you? Because taking me on is even more f—in’ stupid than behaving like a pros—ute and calling it feminism. You have posted today tweets of mine which are two years old, which were posted by me when I was unwell and seeking help so as to make them look like they are recent. In doing so you mock myself and Amanda Bynes for having suffered with mental health issues and for having sought help.”

“It is most unbecoming of you to respond in such a fashion to someone who expressed care for you. And worse that you are such an anti-female tool of the anti-female music industry.”

“I hope that you will apologize to Amanda Bynes and to any person who has been wounded by your mockery of those who have suffered.”

Following the second letter, Cyrus replied, “Sinead. I don’t have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week. So if youd like to meet up and talk lemme know in your next letter. :)”

“I have no interest whatsoever in meeting you,” O’Connor responded. “You had plenty of time yesterday to abuse Amanda entirely innocent party.. and myself.. who also did nothing to deserve your abuse.. along with every other sufferer of mental health problems and every person who suffered abuse at the hands of priests,” she wrote, in reference to a photo posted by the 20-year-old showing of ripping up a picture of the Pope during a Saturday Night Live performance.

“What you did yesterday was designed to damage me and my career and has caused me enormous distress and harassment and has potential to damage my career, since you deliberately gave the impression those tweets of mine were not two years old but reflect my current condition. If you cannot apologize I will have no choice but to bring legal proceedings against you since it is extremely hard to be given work when people think one is suffering from mental illness.”
“You can take five minutes today between g- string f—in’ changes to publicly apologize and remove your abusive tweets,” she added. “If you do not then you don’t give a s–t who you mock and what damage you do by being so ignorant.”