iPad 6 release at the end of 2014, next tablet will feature Retina Display 2 with 30% – 40% higher pixel density

Image: Sonny Dickson

“Contrary to speculation that next year’s iPad next year may come in a 12” form, or larger, we think it will not change from the current 9.7” format as we think a 12” iPad would not provide a good mobility experience given today’s technology limitations.”

The analyst also stated that the next tablet will be released in 2014.

“In light [of] advancing Oxide and a-Si technologies, the PPI of iPad 6, which we expect to come out at end-2014, will exceed that of 2013’s iPad 5 by 30-40%, which will offer more competent visuals.”

The iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2 are rumored to be released at an October 22 Apple event. Upgrades to the Mavericks and the Mac Pro are also likely to be unveiled.

Via MacRumors