iPhone 5S outselling iPhone 5C two to one, research shows

Research conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (via AllThingsD) has found that the iPhone 5S has been outselling the iPhone 5C by more than two to one.

The 5S accounted for 64 % of total iPhone sales after its launch in September, whereas the 5C accounted for 27 % and the iPhone 4S – 9 %.

The report read: “What’s more surprising is the iPhone 5c’s sales performance relative to that of the iPhone 4S’s following the debut of the iPhone 5. Despite the 5c’s newness and its colorful design, it’s not selling that much better than the 4S did when it was demoted to legacy iPhone by the flagship iPhone 5.

According to CIRP’s analysis, the 5c accounted for 27 percent of iPhone sales during the time period surveyed — just slightly more than the 23 percent captured by the 4S during the same period last year. Remember, the new 5c is this year stepping into a role similar to the one the old 4S served last year: The $99 iPhone. But Apple has attempted to improve its value proposition, tricking it out with a new plastic chassis and color options.”

Apple broke its own record by selling 9 million new iPhones in three days during its launch weekend and data gathered by analytics firm Localytics showed that the iPhone 5S was three times more popular than the iPhone 5C in the U.S.

Via AllThingsD