iPad 5 rumors: thinner and lighter, available in gold

Image: Sonny Dickson

Ritchie starts by putting forward the idea of an iPad that is as thin and as light as the iPad mini.

He writes: “If they can go from two LED backlights down to one, if they can use an Apple A7X and the Apple M7 coprocessor instead of the older Apple A6X, and if they can squeeze as much power to performance efficiency out of everything else, they have a shot at doing it.”

In addition, just like the mini iPad drew inspiration from the iPhone 5, he argues that we may as well see the next iPad come in the same finishes as the iPhone 5S, namely gold, silver or space gray.

“The iPad mini, however, got the same white and silver and black and slate options as the iPhone 5. So, if the full-sized iPad is taking on the same design language as the iPad mini, and the rest of the line, it makes sense it’ll take on the same finishes as well,” Ritchie notes.

This week Apple sent out invites to a special event scheduled to be held on October 22 where the next-generation iPad and iPad mini are likely to be presented.

Source: iMore