iPhone 5S, 5C, iPhone 6: carrier launch, production, concept and others

iPhone 6 concept/Heo Leo

The camera capabilities of the iPhone 5S and its predecessor were tested by travel photographer Austin Mann in the wilderness of Patagonia.

A comparison showed that the iPhone 5 has a “lack of clarity and blotchiness,” whereas the iPhone 5S features “crisp edges, far more detail and trueness to color.”

Photo: Austin Mann

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners conducted a research which found that the iPhone 5S has been outselling the iPhone 5C by more than two to one.

The 5S obtained 64 % of total iPhone sales after its September launch, while the 5C scored 27 % and the iPhone 4S – 9 %.

Apple has cut down the number of iPhone 5C units for Q4 of 2014, due to what is believed to be low demand. As for the iPhone 5S, orders were increased.

Lately, owners of the iPhone 5S have complained about problems related to the sensor that doesn’t provide accurate information for applications.

A teardown performed by Chipworks showed that Apple used a different provider for its accelerometers which may caused the problem.

iPhone 5S and 5C will be offered for the first time on U.S. Cellular since Nov. 8, according to an update on the carrier’s official site.

No information on pricing or other plan details were made public.

Last but not least, a concept of the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen was designed by Gonçalo Madureira and João Madureira.

The mockup was based on rumors claiming the device will arrive with a bigger display in 2014.