iPhone 5S ad promotes 64-bit A7 chip on magazine cover

The ad highlights the device’s faster 64-bit A7 processor.

Image: 9to5Mac

The iPhone 5S is displayed in a profile view, accompanied by a short text presenting the handset’s chip capabilities.

The paragraph reads: “Desktop power. Pocket size.

We do everything on our phones. That’s why the new A7 chip was designed to handle, well, anything. It puts 64-bit desktop architecture in your palm, a first for any smartphone. You get stunning, true-to-life graphics and up to 2x faster performance without sacrificing all-day battery life.

The A7 chip. Only on iPhone 5s.”

This is the second magazine ad after the first appeared two weeks ago.

A commercial called “Metal Mastered” was presented last week and it showcased the new gold iPhone 5S.

Source: 9to5Mac