Miranda Lambert debuts slim figure at CMA Awards

The 29-year-old country star was wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress, showing off a trimmed silhouette that made her husband Blake Shelton tweet: “My wife is so hot it’s ridiculous…”

Lambert also excelled in trophies as she won “Female Vocalist Of The Year,” and her husband Blake Shelton took the same award for “Male Vocalist of the Year.”

On the red carpet, the beautiful musician opened up about how she managed to get that enviable figure in an interview with E! News.

“I have been working a lot!” she said. “Working out and drinking juice and just running, running around.”

“You know what, I fluctuate all the time in my weight—it’s really annoying—but I’m going to be 30 in like four days, so I’m like, ‘I need to get ahead of this thing!’ Because they say when you hit 30 it doesn’t get easier.”

“So I thought, ‘Well, you know, if I get a little healthier before I turn 30, maybe I can get ahead of the game,'” she added.

Miranda Lambert will turn 30 on Nov. 10, and we wish the talented singer in advance: Happy birthday!