Tom Cruise didn’t see his daughter Suri for 100 days due to his schedule of filming

In recent weeks, Cruise has begun a legal battle with the group Bauer, editor of the magazines Life & Style and InTouch, who accused him of a “having abandoned” his daughter Suri.

But the Top Gun star decided to take legal action against the group for defamation and claims a whopping $50 million from the company.

In a transcript of a deposition taken in Los Angeles on Sept. 9, which was filed publicly, the actor explained that he always kept in touch with Suri, even when he was filming in England.

Cruise was questioned on the reasons for which he didn’t see his daughter in person for more than 100 days, from Aug. 4, 2012, till that Thanksgiving.

“Unfortunately in this situation it was impossible,” he said, given his schedule of filming in London on the sci-fi thriller All You Need Is Kill.

And while he said he talked to Suri on the phone nearly every day, he did agree that conversations over the phone shouldn’t make up for seeing a child in person.

“You have to work at it [talking to a child on the phone]. I’ve gotten very good at it. I tell wonderful stories,” he said. “I also find that, you know, Suri is a very happy child, and confident, and has a good sense of herself.”

Cruise also missed Suri’s first day of school in September because of his work schedule and concerns about the media frenzy his presence would have caused, but Suri had never mentioned it, he said.

“If she had asked me to be there, I would have been there,” he said. “I would have worked it out in any way I could.”

“Things change and there is different agreements, like in any divorce, where you work out schedules,” he said. “It’s just a different set of circumstances. It certainly does not mean that I’ve abandoned my daughter.”

The news was first reported by RadarOnline.