PlayStation 4 teardown by iFixit reveals high score for repairability

Credit: iFixit

iFixit found that the size of the fan on the PS4 is greater than that of the PS3, but thanks to its design it is quieter than the previous version.

Good news is that the power supply built into the console will work both with the standard U.S. 110 volt and the European 230.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 has a very high score when it comes to the possibility of repairs – 8/10.

Unfortunately, any repair operation will result in the loss of the warranty as seals placed on the machine allow the manufacturer to find out if they have been removed.

Also positive is the option to replace the built-in 500 GB hard disk and this can be done without loss of warranty.

Other components include an 8-core AMD “Jaguar” CPU and AMD Radeon GPU.

The device comes at a price of $399.