iPhone 6 rumors: features, concepts; iPhone 5S/5C: unlocked version, production

iPhone 6 concept/Nikola Cirkovic

Sources cited by C Technology claimed that an iPhone prototype featuring a 4.9-inch display is currently being tested by the company.

Also, a rumored iPhone 6C will reportedly benefit from a screen size boost.

In addition, based on earlier rumors suggesting that the iPhone 6 could come with a sapphire screen instead of the current Gorilla Glass, Forbes’ Nigam Arora gives several reasons on why the device could feature such a display.

A Calcalist financial newspaper reported that Apple bought PrimeSense, an Israeli company specializing in 3D-sensor technology, for nearly $345 million.

Concepts of the rumored smartphone were also up online this week.

A concept designed by Arthur Reis echoed rumors of a bigger screen iPhone, whereas designer Iskander Utebayev created a concept with 3 different displays.

Regarding Apple’s current iPhone models, Digitimes reported this week that production of the iPhone 5C will be halted as the company wants to focus on the higher-end iPhone 5S.

The unlocked and SIM-free version of the iPhone 5S is now up for sale in the United States at Apple Online Store.