David Beckham wants Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie about his life

David Beckham/Instagram

The retired soccer star has already revealed his preferences at the casting for a film about his life.

“Someone asked me that the other day and I couldn’t answer it,” he said in a radio interview with U.K.’s talkSPORT on Thursday.

“Brad would be the obvious choice,” he said jokingly. “I’d like Brad to be playing me. Him or Leonardo [DiCaprio]. One of the two … or Bradley Cooper. They’re not bad-looking guys.”

While dreaming about a possible choice, fans can do with a documentary about Beckham’s early career with Manchester United that will come out in theaters on December 1st.

Also, David and his wife Victoria are featured in a glamorous photoshoot on the cover of Vogue Paris for the Christmas edition.