Zoë Saldana confirms she married Marco Perego

“Congratulations! You got married since the last time I saw you,” Kimmel told her.

“I did,” the 35-year-old actress confirmed. “Thank you, thank you. And congratulations to you, too. You got married.”

Jimmy Kimmel, who wed Molly McNearney in July, responded: “Thank you.”

“It’s not a competition, though. We don’t need to just go around getting married,” he added.

The Saldana-Perego couple got married in June in a secret ceremony which took place in London.

“I got married in England. I did it in England. Can you top that?” Saldana said.

“Uh, no,” Kimmel replied.

“So it is a competition, I guess,” the actress joked.

Before tying the knot with the Italian artist, Saldana dated Bradley Cooper and was engaged to long-term boyfriend Keith Britton.