Susan Boyle reveals Asperger diagnosis

Susan Boyle/Twitter

The Scottish singer said that the diagnosis dates from a year ago and she was relieved to have learned that she suffered from this disease.

Boyle, 52, recently told the Observer newspaper that she a specialist consulted her a year ago, telling her she had Asperger’s and an above-average IQ.

She suffered from learning difficulties during her childhood, when she was told this was a result of brain damage following a lack of oxygen at birth. Her struggle continued in school and she was bullied.

“I have always known that I have had an unfair label put upon me,” Boyle said in the interview. “Now I have a clearer understanding of what’s wrong and I feel relieved and a bit more relaxed about myself.”

“I would say I have relationship difficulties, communicative difficulties, which lead to a lot of frustration. If people were a bit more patient, that would help,” she told the newspaper.

“Asperger’s doesn’t define me. It’s a condition that I have to live with and work through, but I feel more relaxed about myself. People will have a much greater understanding of who I am and why I do the things I do.”

Boyle became a global celebrity when she participated in the show Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.