PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

A comparison between the two consoles has been made by BGR’s Jacob Siegal.

The two devices are first analyzed in terms of hardware. Whereas the PS4 is appreciated for being “less bulky,” the Kinect gives the Xbox One a great potential.

Also, the controller on the PlayStation 4 gets praised for being a complete update of its predecessor. For its part, the Xbox One is indeed easy to use but it doesn’t bring too many meaningful additions.

Microsoft gets ahead of Sony when it comes to the number of games offered as the list of exclusive games is more than triple on the Xbox.

In addition, on both consoles the interfaces need additional changes, Siegal writes, but certain issues on the PS4 might require more attention.

Regarding the pricing, Siegal argues that the extra $100 of the Xbox One are hard to justify given the offer on the two devices, whereas the PS4 is significantly more powerful than its predecessor for only two-thirds the price.

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