6-year-old boy wants to save NASA

Connor, a native of Denver, Colorado, has wanted to be an astronaut since he was 3.

But when he recently heard that Congress was planning to cut a portion of funds from NASA, he decided to act.

“My whole idea was writing off to the President and then I decided to give my whole piggy bank to NASA. I have about $10.41,” he said.

Helped by his family, Connor launched an online petition asking the White House not to block funds to NASA.

“To get a response from the White House, I need 100,000 signatures,” he added.

In the petition, he asks the government not to cut NASA’s funding “so that children can dream of exploring the universe. Science funding is the future of our country.”

As of Sunday, the petition has raised more than 19.000 signatures and there are nearly 20,000 signers needed by the end of December.