Apple looks at quantum dot technology for enhance displays

Credit: Apple

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple’s patent for a “Quantum dot-enhanced display having dichroic filter” today.

Quantum dots are described as being similar to nanocrystals and having light-emitting properties by which they can emit very narrow spectrums of light, AppleInsider reports.

“As one example, Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductors in the form of nanocrystals that provide an alternative display. The electronic characteristics of the QDs are generally governed by the size and shape of the nanocrystals. Quantum dots of the same material, but with different sizes, can emit light of different colors when excited. More specifically, the emission wavelength of the QDs varies with a size and shape of the quantum dots. As one example, larger dots may emit longer wavelength light, such as red light while smaller QDs may emit shorter wavelength light, such as blue light or violet light.”

However, the document notes that the contents of the quantum dots have a toxic nature and cadmium-free quantum dots or heavy metal-free quantum dots are suggested as a method to reduce the toxicity level.

Source: USPTO Via AppleInsider