Heidi Klum has bought six Christmas trees

Heidi Klum/Twitter

Each year the America’s Got Talent judge, 40, had the most ingenious Halloween costumes, and it looks like Christmas is also one of her favorite holidays because she has purchased six trees.

“This year for the first time [the kids] each have their own tree in their room,” Klum told People. “That’s a lot of trees, I know. They were taking photos of us when we left the lot, and they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’ve got the whole forest!’ But it’s because I have so many kids!”

She has also unveiled what she would like to receive for Christmas.

“I love arts and crafts, and I like when my kids make things for me,” she said. “I have an entire wall on the second floor of the house that’s all [their creations].”

Klum tweeted her excitement when she picked the trees.

“Trying to find our perfect tree,” she wrote.

Her children, daughters Leni, 9, and Lou, 4, sons Henry, 8, and Johan, 7, will definitely enjoy Christmas this year.