Blake Shelton thinks Adam Levine shouldn’t have a bachelor party

Levine’s partner on the show, Blake Shelton, doesn’t see any reason why he should have such a party.

“First of all, if he has a bachelor party that’s like bringing sand to the beach. He is marrying a supermodel, for God’s sakes. A Victoria’s Secret supermodel,” he told E! News.

“What are you gonna have at your bachelor party? I wouldn’t have one if I was him. I would just hang out at the house and hang out with [Behati Prinsloo]. And she’s really cool.”

Behati Prinsloo/Twitter

But Shelton isn’t the only one who thinks the Maroon 5 singer could do without a bachelor party. The Voice host Carson Daly shares the same opinion.

“If there was a bachelor party for Adam, it would be the most—I mean, no one would know about it,” he told E! News.

“There’ll be two people, me and Adam, we’ll be the only two people there. No, Adam’s lived the life of a bachelor party. It’ll never happen. His whole life has been a bachelor party, and now he’s gonna settle down. He’s good.”

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