Jimmy Kimmel has kid take Christmas lie detector test

Kimmel interviewed 5-year-old Ira in an attempt to figure out whether he had been good or bad this past year with the help of a Christmas lie detector.

“Have you done any naughty things this year?” the host asks.

“No,” says Ira as a light on his helmet is turned on and a loud buzz is heard, suggesting he had been lying.

“OK, now the machine is saying that you have done some naughty things this year,” Jimmy says.

“Some things,” Ira replies. “My brother hurts me then sometimes I just tell him to stop and he doesn’t listen. And then I try to yell at him but my mom tells me don’t.”

“Do you pick your nose?” Kimmel answers. “Sometimes. Sometimes not,” his interviewee responds.

Changing the strategy, the host then asks about Ira’s good deeds this year.

“I think I apologized to my brother because my mom told me to, so I like have to say it every time,” the kid says, adding that the reason he had to apologize to his sibling was because he “hurt him.”

“So what you’re saying is the nice thing you did this year was apologize to your brother after you hurt him?” Kimmel replies. “I don’t think that’s going to look good on a list.”

Check out the video for more funny answers.