iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 won’t feature curved screens, analysts say

iPhone 6 Concept

The Korea Herald quotes unnamed “industry sources” that say these smartphones won’t bring this type of screen.

Analysts believe Samsung and Apple are not yet prepared for mass production of flexible displays.

In addition, Samsung has already released a smartphone with a curved screen, the Samsung Galaxy Round.

“The current capacity for flexible panels is not high enough for the Galaxy S5, which will be rolled out early next year,” Says Eugene Investment & Securities analyst Kim Jong-hyun. “Curved ones will be unveiled late next year as a Galaxy variant rather than as a flagship model.”

This new technology, called Youm, was presented during the first half of 2013.

Other analysts, such as John Seo at Shinhan Investment, say that Apple is unlikely to launch a curved screen device in the next year, with 2015 more likely.

“It is difficult for Apple to adopt curved display next year, though 2015 is more plausible,” Seo believes.