Jerry Seinfeld hints at Seinfeld reunion happening ‘very, very soon’

Photo Credit: NBC

During an interview on WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton” show Jerry Seinfeld gave some information about a secret project he developed with Larry David, the co-creator of “Seinfeld.”

Speculation about a possible reunion was sparked after photos of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander, who plays George on the show, walking outside of Tom’s Restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, better known as Monk’s for fans of the show, were posted online.

He said they weren’t filming a commercial or an episode of his hit web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” and called it a “secret project.”

“It is not not those things, either,” he teased.

“I gave you more now than I’ve given anyone. I told you what it isn’t. And then I also told you that it isn’t not that, either.”

Jerry Seinfeld had already caused a stir among fans in early January. During a a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Q&A, the actor revealed that he had teamed up with Larry David and wrote a new script with him.

“We never obsess over anything that isn’t mundane. Most recent was intentional mumbling. We wrote this script for this thing that you will eventually see but I can’t reveal what it is at this time. All I can do is tell you is that it’s big, huge, gigantic,” he said.

Amanda Knox vows to ‘never go willingly back’ to Italy

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were retried after the cancellation of their acquittal.

Knox has been sentenced to 28 ½ years in prison, while Sollecito’s sentence is 25 years.

She appeared close to tears in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Knox, 26, told anchor Robin Roberts. “I did not expect this to happen. I really expected so much more from the Italian justice system. They found me innocent once before.”

“My first reaction was ‘no’ and ‘this is wrong,’ and I’m going to do everything I can to prove that it is and I felt very determined and my family felt very determined. But it was only on my way here that I got my first cry,” she explained.

The 26-year-old frequently had to pause to collect herself during the interview.

“This really has hit me like a train,” she said. “I did not expect this to happen. I really expected so better from the Italian justice system. They found me innocent before. How can they say it’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt…”

“I will never go willingly back to the place where … I’m going to fight this to the very end. It’s not right and it’s not fair,” she said.

“I really hope that people try to understand that when you have overzealous prosecutors and when you have a biased interrogator and a biased investigation and coercive interrogations, these things happen, and I’m not crazy,” she added.

Knox and Sollecito have already spent four years behind bars after being convicted in 2009 to 26 and 25 years in prison during a highly publicized trial.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors: specs, features and others

Galaxy S5 concept

A report by SamMobile claimed that the S5 is set to get a new model number.

SM-G900 will be the family model number for the new Samsung flagship devices, with letters at the end of each number helping to differentiate the versions.

Another report concerned the device’s display resolution.

A listing on the website of South Korean mobile operator LG U+ revealed that the SM-G900L is a Galaxy Android 4.4 KitKat device.

The listing also showed that the handset’s 5.1-inch display will maintain the current 1080p resolution.

An analytical report by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the possible specifications of the Galaxy S5 indicates the presence of a fingerprint reader possible.

He also expects the handset to be made available in two versions with the same 5.2-inch display, but a different resolution.

This week @evleaks posted a picture that seemingly confirms that the name of the device will be Galaxy S5.

Other images show two Android applications, “FingerprintService.apk” and “3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk”, allegedly from the Galaxy S5.

These seem to be the first confirmation of the implementation of the fingerprint reader on the smartphone.

The other image posted by @evleaks suggests the device will feature a 2K resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be unveiled in March.

iPhone 6 rumors: release, features, specs and others

iPhone 6 concept

A report this week announced that three different companies will build the A8 chip that will equip the device.

Digitimes reported that the assembly of the A8 processor had been commissioned to three Taiwanese companies.

Amkor Technology and STATS ChipPAC will reportedly produce 40 % of the supply, with the remaining 20% ​​assigned to Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE).

The new chip will be a package-on-package (PoP) SoC solution, with the processors and mobile DRAM combining in a single package, the site wrote.

Another interesting rumor came from analyst Matt Margolis from Seeking Alpha who expects Apple to combine the sapphire crystal display of the iPhone 6 with solar cells, in an attempt to increase battery life.

He bases his assumption on Apple’s recent activity such as the acquisition of patents on solar energy, the publication of specific job offers and special equipment control.

He sees all of these as indicators that the company plans to integrate solar cells in their displays.

Also in connection to the iPhone 6 display was a report announcing that Cupertino is speeding up the opening of the sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona, with operations beginning by February.

9to5Mac and analyst Matt Margolis discovered correspondence between Apple and the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).

The docs show that production of a “critical new sub-component” is set to start at the plant, sparking speculation that the material will be used for the screen of the iPhone, given that factory is specialized in sapphire.

Speculation about the smartphone also concerned its possible launch date.

iMore’s Rene Ritchie made an analysis of the previous release dates of past generations of iPhones.

He concluded that the iPhone 6 could be unveiled on or around September 9 or 10 this year, with a possible release date set for September 19.

Ramona Singer files for divorce from husband Mario after cheating rumors

Ramona Singer/Twitter

Recent reports alleged that she had caught him with his girlfriend at their Hamptons home last weekend.

“Ramona has been protecting him,” her former co-star Jill Zarin told People. “She looked the other way when people told her he was cheating.”

“This is a personal and private matter for our family,” Singer told the magazine in a statement. “For my daughter Avery’s sake, I would appreciate everyone respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”

She also thanked fans for their support on Twitter.

“Thank you all for the love & support! For my daughter’s sake, I would appreciate everyone respecting our privacy during this difficult time,” she wrote.

She later added, “Look for something positive about today. Even if you have to look a little harder than usual, it still exists. ~ Anonymous”

The sixth season of The Real Housewives of New York City debuts on March 11 on Bravo.

Justin Bieber charged with assault in Toronto, pleads not guilty to DUI

Justin Bieber/Instagram

The incident took place after Bieber attended a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Dec. 29.

During the drive, an altercation broke out between a passenger and the driver.

The police didn’t give information on the degree of involvement of the singer in the attack.

“The Toronto Police Service requested that Justin Bieber appear in Toronto today to face an allegation of assault relating to an incident on December 29, 2013,” a lawyer for the singer said in a statement to E! News. “We anticipate that this matter will be treated as a summary offense, the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States.

“Our position is that Mr. Bieber is innocent. As the matter is now before the Court, it would be inappropriate to address the specifics of either the allegation or of our defense at this time.”

An arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 14, but Bieber may not be required to appear in person.

It’s a new episode in a long series of setbacks for the young star.

Last week the teen star was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license in the streets of Miami.

Xbox One update could get March release, white console


Sources familiar with Microsoft told The Verge that the Xbox One update is mainly focused on correcting many problems with the Live service, but also in the overall system.

This version of the console could arrive in March.

The site also writes that a white version of the Xbox One will only be reserved for members of staff who worked on the design.

This white model could hit store shelves in October.

Another Xbox One rumor suggests that several new markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America may welcome the device, with a version of the console coming without a Blu-ray drive.

Microsoft has declined to comment on the information.

iPhone 6 rumors: Apple to start producing critical new component at Arizona sapphire plant

iPhone 6 concept

In the latest interview with ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the existence of a sapphire glass manufacturing facility in the state of Arizona.

New documents now reveal that the company is speeding up the opening of the sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona, with operations beginning by February.

Correspondence between Apple and the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) discovered by 9to5Mac and analyst Matt Margolis shows that Cupertino wants to start the production of a “critical new sub-component” at the plant.

According to the docs, James J. Patton, Apple’s Deputy Director of Global Trade Compliance, formally requests the Foreign-Trade Zone Board to approve the two requests from Cupertino for the implementation of an “aggressive go-live timeline” of the plant for February 2014.

Since this factory is known to be specialized in sapphire, it is speculate that the material will be used for the top layer of the screen of the next iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors: new leaks suggest 2K display, fingerprint scanner

Galaxy S5 concept

A picture leaked by @evleaks, which has been remarkably accurate on many occasions, confirms that the name of the device will be Galaxy S5.

“They’re sticking with a winner, name-wise,” @evleaks wrote, along with a wallpaper image that has “Galaxy S5” written on it.

The same source also uploaded images of two APKs, or Android applications, “FingerprintService.apk” and “3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk“, allegedly from the Galaxy S5.

It seems that these are the first confirmation of the presence of the fingerprint reader on the next Samsung flagship.

The other image that @evleaks posted reveals that the smartphone will have a 2K resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

The presentation of the device is rumored to take place in March.