Illusionist David Copperfield is engaged to French model Chloe Gosselin


Copperfield confirmed the happy news in an interview with Hello! magazine.

The magician referred to his previously relationship of six years with Claudia Schiffer ,which started in 1993 and ended in 1999, as being “a long time ago.”

“Now I’m engaged and in a committed relationship with Chloe in my mind and my heart,” he added.

Gosselin also expressed her love for Copperfield, telling Hello: “I’m so lucky to have found David. There are very few people in the world like him. He’s spent more than 30 years at the top of his profession. He’s achieved some extraordinary things.”

The couple have a daughter together, Sky, born in 2010.

Congratulations to Chloe Gosselin and David Copperfield!