Kellan Lutz denies Miley Cyrus dating rumors again, says he’s single

Kellan Lutz/WhoSay

Currently in full promotion of the film The Legend of Hercules, the actor told E! News that he’s not into reading what the media writes about him.

“I stay out of the tabloids, I don’t care to be in the magazines, I don’t look myself up,” he said.

“I don’t know all the rumors, but I have an amazing PR team who kind of let me know, ‘Just so you know, this is what’s being reported,’ and then you go, ‘Where do they come up with this stuff?’ People have edited photos to make it look like you’re on a date per se, and this has happened from time to time when I had a girlfriend, or didn’t, and now I’m single and very focused on work.”

As for speculation that he and the twerking star are an item, he says that they’re only hanging out together.

“For Miley, I’ve been friends with her for six years now and we run in the same circle…it’s always interesting when two public figures who might be single are seen together. Oh let’s start a rumor that they might be together…I just laugh it off,” he said.