iPhone 6 rumors: improved camera features detailed in Apple patent

iPhone 6 concept

An Apple patent application titled “VCM OIS Actuator Module” that was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 6, 2012, has been discovered by Unwired View.

The documents reveal that Cupertino has been working on improving the camera’s autofocus (AF) and adding optical image stabilization (OIS).

“Miniature cameras are becoming increasingly common in mobile electronic devices such as smartphones. There is a constant drive to improve performance of such cameras, while still maintaining the same envelope,” the patent reads.

“Demands on improvements to performance of such miniature cameras are constant, as are demands for continued miniaturization, given the added features and devices added to such mobile electronic devices.”

The patent describes a method by which the optical stabilization system would be introduced in the camera’s autofocus mechanism.

Source: USPTO Via Unwired View