Madalina Ghenea’s comments on Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender

“He’s my first true love, he’s a great guy who knows how to do everything and I hope he will never change in any way,” Ghenea admitted about the “Olympus Has Fallen” actor in an interview last year in April.

The “Dom Hemingway” actress, 26, revealed in the same interview that the actor, 44, was very supportive regarding her work.

“Gerard urges me to work as much as I can! He pushes me to study, to take acting, singing and dancing classes. Just the way he does: we have many things in common, he began making films at a later age, at 25 like me,” she said.

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

In another interview granted last May to Romanian magazine OK!, the actress shared a few information about their relationship.

OK!: Where exactly were you in New York and what did you say to each other when you met?
MG: At a party. He gave all the details.

OK!: I know that three days later he came to Milan, at your door. How did he find out the address?
MG: He called me from the airport when he arrived and asked me where I lived.

OK!: How was the next date?
MG: We moved together practically from day one.

OK!: How did you get to be so important to him, of all the women in the world, what made him choose you?
MG: Only he can answer that question.

OK!: What’s the nicest thing he told you?
MG: I keep that to myself. These are my memories. They remain in my heart.

Last year, in August, Ghenea attended her brother’s wedding and journalists didn’t miss the opportunity to ask her why Gerard Butler hadn’t been present.

“Of course it would have become an event dedicated to him, and not my brother, and we want to enjoy this wedding within the family,” she told journalists.

“Well, last time I had 48 hours available if you’re thinking of Gerard, and unfortunately I spent more time with you (journalists) than together,” Ghenea added referring to the holiday she spent with the Scottish actor in Romania, last July.

In August 2013, she opened up again about Butler in an interview with Italian magazine “Donna IQ,” naming him “the most fascinating man on earth,” while the 44-year-old actor declared in an interview granted to Daily Record in July that he loves “a girl with a good sense of humor, who is confident but who has a sweetness to her – that melts his heart.”

In March 2013, in an interview with Extra, he said about Ghenea: “She [Madalina] ‘s amazing. I’m having fun. I’m very lucky, she’s a great girl. ”

In early January this year Ghenea confirmed her breakup from Butler, stating: “It’s been 7 months since we broke up 🙂 we stayed good friends.”

In the category of rumors there was also the so-called “relationship” she had with Leonardo DiCaprio, one that she actually denied in an interview with the Italian magazine Grazia, saying that she and Leo “have common friends.”


The “I Borgia” actress talked about the rumored relationship with DiCaprio in April 2012, in an interview given in her homeland.

The host of a local show displayed the pictures with the two from Sydney, and asked her about the photos.

Antena 3

Antena 3

Antena 3

Antena 3

Host: Can you tell us something about these photos?

Madalina Ghenea: I see nothing wrong in … What can I say?

Host: I never said it was something wrong, I think that’s good …

Madalina Ghenea: A very nice afternoon in Sydney, very nice …. if I were to make a description …

The moderator continued: That’s all?

“With a person that I care very much about,” Madalina replied.

Host: It’s the person in the picture, right? Right?

Madalina Ghenea: Yes.

Host: He looks very much like DiCaprio…

Madalina Ghenea: Yes, that’s strange …

The model also said on the occasion that she had a hard time when the pictures emerged because she wanted to become famous for her projects and not by her association to DiCaprio.

Host: What else can you say about these photos?

Madalina Ghenea: I think any other comment is useless … What I can say is that for me it was a tragedy when these pictures came out.

Host: It was a tragedy? But why?

Madalina Ghenea: It was a tragedy because …

Host: When you were little you used to have a poster with DiCaprio in your room. Did you think back then that if someone took those photos of you and DiCaprio and talked about them it could be a drama? Why did it become a drama?

Madalina Ghenea: Of course I am happy that I know him, it was shocking to meet him. I met him in May at the Cannes festival last year, but these are memories that I’d like to keep to myself, they’re like my personal photo album, I care very much about my private life.

Madalina Ghenea: I want to be famous for the projects that I’m in and not for relationships.

Madalina Ghenea: My disappointment came from the fact that the public knew me as his girlfriend, a lingerie model. This is not what I want, I want more than that, it’s been 10 years of work, 10 years since I had the opportunity to make these pictures, and I never wanted to start relationships with important people because I think a character that is built on a star name will never succeed. Maybe just a year, perhaps in the tabloids but no director or producer who has invested a huge amount in a project will chose you for the lead role, or because you’re DiCaprio’s girlfriend, there’s no such thing.

Madalina Ghenea: On the contrary, it may damage that level when your audience because I accepted this invitation and this is the first time I’m in a TV studio, because I know your program and your audience at home and I’m interested in that particular level, not the tabloids.

Madalina Ghenea: There has been speculation that it was something organized…

Host: In the sense that it was a matter of PR, as they say ..

Madalina Ghenea: Yes, there’s no such thing, you can’t take a sheet of paper and write: organize shooting with DiCaprio etc, for after all he’s not a model that I hired to take a picture with me, there is no such thing.

It was rumored for some time that Madalina Ghenea had a relationship with Michael Fassbender. They were first spotted together in November last year in New Zealand, and a few days ago the two were spotted holding hands on a stroll in Italy.

The only time when the actress said something about the “12 Years a Slave” actor was when she denied it was him in a cropped picture posted on her social networking accounts.

A follower wrote that Michael Fassbender was in the pic, in which only a small portion of a man’s face can be seen, and she replied, “no!not Michael Fassbender!”

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook