Justin Bieber arrested for DUI in Miami

The police said that the 19-year-old was visibly under the influence of alcohol.

The police also accuse him of participating in a wild race at the wheel of his Lamborghini.

Bieber’s mugshot was published on the official Twitter site of the Miami Beach Police.

Miami Beach Police

“The officer smelled odor of alcoholic beverage,” a Miami BeachPolice spokesman said, as cited by People. “Mr. Bieber at that point was not cooperating with the officer’s instructions. The officer asked him to exit the vehicle. He was questioning why he was being stopped. Ultimately he eventually did exit the vehicle and he would not follow the officer’s instructions. The officer at that time did place Mr. Bieber under arrest for resisting without violence.”

“He was brought to Miami Beach police station where a DUI investigation was conducted. It was determined that he was impaired,” the spokesman continued regarding the 19-year-old’s behavior during the investigation. “Mr. Bieber made a statement that he had consumed some alcohol, and that he had been smoking marijuana and had consumed some prescription medication.”

The singer was arrested for DUI, the lack of a valid driver’s license out of the state of Georgia, and resisting arrest without violence.

A source told People: “He is in custody. There had been another car pulled over in front of him.”

Justin is also investigated for throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house.