Apple could enter mobile payment field in the future – report

Credit: Apple

The article cites the company CEO Tim Cook’s statements on Monday’s quarterly earnings call about the reasons for the introduction of the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5S.

“Mobile payments in general is one [area] that we’ve been intrigued with, and that was one of the thoughts behind Touch ID,” Cook said. “We’re not limiting ourselves just to that.”

The statement leads to the conclusion that mobile payment was among the reasons why Apple started developing Touch ID.

The company has been criticized for not being up-to-date in terms of NFC integration, as compared to other smartphones on the market.

Also, a recent report by The Wall Street Journal announced that iTunes and App Store chief Eddy Cue discussed with industry executives about the operation of payments for goods and services.

The report notes that this could be seen as an indicator that Apple is working on mobile payments in some form.

The WSJ report also wrote about Apple executives being put into positions that will help build some sort of payment business.

All this seem to point to the possibility that Cupertino is seriously looking into the mobile payment area.

Via Engadget