Qalendra Startup launches website that disrupts the travel industry

It actually makes sense if you’re an active traveler who’s willing to spend a few bucks above average but never settles with the conventional group itineraries decided by the travel agencies. – a derivative of the Latin “calendrae” – just made available its services to the active travelers searching for adventures and meaningful experiences.

“We always fantasized about exciting travel experiences like tomato fighting at Tomatina in Spain, having lots of beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich or running with the bulls at Pamplona. But we always got carried away with other stuff and never managed to take our dream vacations. Thus was born the idea of a travel calendar armed with reminders and socially connected” – one of the founders explained.

So, if you decide to plan your trip based on what is happening in world at a given time, you can make a shortlist of events – a truly personalized travel calendar – which will keep you up to date with notifications and alerts on upcoming events, cheaper flights, discounts, friends’ activity or in-location attractions.

The collection of festivals on Qalendra grows every day, ranging from the infamous Burning Man Festival to the less known Camel Wrestling Championship in Turkey, Australian Cockroach Races or the Italian Chocolate Festival in Perugia.

Fiesta de San Fermín

Visit, browse through a large collection of travel ideas organized as a calendar, create your own travel Bucket list and share it with your friends.

On a market already crowded, Qalendra’s mixture of travel ideas, personalization and content discovery, offers a useful tool to the travel buffs and world adventurers. And the tools will grow even more useful once the users will be able to synchronize their travel calendar with Google calendar and the iCall, as the founders plan.