iPhone 6 rumors: release, features, specs and others

iPhone 6 concept

A report this week announced that three different companies will build the A8 chip that will equip the device.

Digitimes reported that the assembly of the A8 processor had been commissioned to three Taiwanese companies.

Amkor Technology and STATS ChipPAC will reportedly produce 40 % of the supply, with the remaining 20% ​​assigned to Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE).

The new chip will be a package-on-package (PoP) SoC solution, with the processors and mobile DRAM combining in a single package, the site wrote.

Another interesting rumor came from analyst Matt Margolis from Seeking Alpha who expects Apple to combine the sapphire crystal display of the iPhone 6 with solar cells, in an attempt to increase battery life.

He bases his assumption on Apple’s recent activity such as the acquisition of patents on solar energy, the publication of specific job offers and special equipment control.

He sees all of these as indicators that the company plans to integrate solar cells in their displays.

Also in connection to the iPhone 6 display was a report announcing that Cupertino is speeding up the opening of the sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona, with operations beginning by February.

9to5Mac and analyst Matt Margolis discovered correspondence between Apple and the U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).

The docs show that production of a “critical new sub-component” is set to start at the plant, sparking speculation that the material will be used for the screen of the iPhone, given that factory is specialized in sapphire.

Speculation about the smartphone also concerned its possible launch date.

iMore’s Rene Ritchie made an analysis of the previous release dates of past generations of iPhones.

He concluded that the iPhone 6 could be unveiled on or around September 9 or 10 this year, with a possible release date set for September 19.