iOS 8, iWatch could feature Healthbook app

iWatch concept/Todd Hamilton

The company is poised to revolutionize the fitness and health market, according to 9to5Mac.

Sources cited by the publication claim that Cupertino plans to release a new version of its operating system this year with the integration of health and fitness monitoring as key features.

An application codenamed “Healthbook” will reportedly collect information on the user’s physical activity and health.

It will be able to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned, hydration levels, and even reminder you to take your pills at scheduled times.

The site also writes that the iWatch and iPhone will be “heavily reliant” on each other with the implementation of the new Healthbook app.

In addition, a report by The New York Times claims that a meeting between several Apple execs and the FDA last month was focused on mobile medical applications.

“They are either trying to get the lay of the land for regulatory pathways with medical devices and apps and this was an initial meeting,” one expert said, “or Apple has been trying to push something through the F.D.A. for a while and they’ve had hangups.”