iPhone 6, iWatch rumors: how Apple is likely to enter the health market

iWatch concept/Todd Hamilton

The author of the article believes that Apple’s hiring of experts in medical and sensor fields and the meetings with federal regulators among others suggest that they definitely hard at work in this domain.

A recent report announced that Apple hired sleep research expert Roy J.E.M Raymann from Philips for the iWatch project.

Cohen brings as argument a recent rumor which claimed that the iOS 8 will bring a new Healthbook app that will help gather all the biometric information from a user’s devices, be it an iPhone or the rumored iWatch.

In addition, the iPhone 5S’ M7, a component that constantly measures motion data, adds fuel to the speculation that Apple is getting ready to enter the health area.

Cohen believes Cupertino is likely to pack everything that the multitude of fitness bands and other biometric data devices offer, into a single device.

One advantage of an iWatch or an iPhone with biometric capabilities is what he calls Apple’s “end-to-end system” which allows users to benefit from the new health services immediately, without the need to download new apps.

He believes Apple can help reduce the crowd of fitness devices and bands, but that will happen progressively and not until the health marked has matured.

Source: iMore