Selena Gomez spent 2 weeks in rehab, reportedly blames it on Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber/Instagram

“Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse,” a rep for Gomez told People magazine.

The 21-year-old officially canceled concert dates on the Australian leg of her Stars Dance tour in December.

“It has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be,” she said in a statement.

“She’s been working nonstop since she was 15 and she wants to take a minute to herself,” a source said at the time.

TMZ reports that Selena left the facility after only 14 days of treatment, while doctors had prescribed a 6-week program.

The program is called DAWN at The Meadows and it is aimed at people between 18 and 26, focusing on problems related to substance dependence, trauma, family dynamics, mental health and relapse prevention.

The report adds that the singer may have needed this rehab stint as she never really got over her breakup with Justin Bieber last year.

Sources told the site that Selena blames her problems mainly on “that crazy boy” and the excesses she was exposed to while in Bieber’s entourage.