iPhone 6 rumors: Apple to use the same 8-inch processing method for fingerprint sensors

iPhone 6 concept

However, it seems that plans have changed now.

The publication writes that TSMC will continue to work with the 8-inch processing for the smartphone.

The move apparently has to do with Apple’s concerns with the yield rate of the 12-inch fab.

The report reads: “Apple previously decided to have TSMC produce fingerprint sensors for its next-generation iPhone at the foundry’s 12-inch facilities using a 65nm process, the sources noted. However, acknowledging risks associated with 12-inch WLP technologies, Apple has finally chosen TSMC’s 8-inch processing which enables mature yield rates for WLP to produce the fingerprint sensors, the sources said.”

In addition, TSMC is said to be engaged in the packaging process, whereas now this operation is performed by subcontractors.