Valentine’s Day photos shared by celebrities

And to show you that, these celebs have posted adorable photos on their social networks.

Take a look…

Jordin Sparks had a wonderful surprise for Valentine’s Day. While the-24-years singer was out in town, her boyfriend, Jason Derulo filled her hotel room with 10,000 roses.


“Completely overwhelmed by 10,000 roses today from, my love, @jasonderulo. They’re so beautiful! Omg. #supersweettweet,” she tweeted.

“10,000 roses fill this suite! I only wish I could’ve fit 10,000 more in here! Valentines everyday! Thank u 2 #passionroses 4 helping 2make this special,” Derulo also wrote.

“Happy Valentines! I’m glad we were able to give the excess of the 10,000 roses away after the surprise. Spread the love ya’ll,” he added.

Probably many fans wondered how Ian Somerhalder spent Valentine’s Day?

Well here’s how.


“Got a cuddle in with my beautiful blonde Valentine this morning. Work day for me, Spay day for her-this little lady is going under the knife as we speak.Please send warm golden energy to her here in Atlanta.Thanks for the beautiful puppies Nietzsche! Next year your Valentine’s day present won’t be anesthesia I promise! Thanks for dropping her off and taking this pic Aunt @thejram,” Somerhalder tweeted, along with a picure of his adorable dog.

Also of maximum sweetest was Kelly Clarkson’s present: the singer got an adorable puppy for Valentine’s Day.


“Everyone ….this is our new little puppy Wyatt,” the singer tweeted. “He can’t replace my Joplin that passed away but he’s pretty great!”

Kim Kardashian received 1,000 roses from her fiancé Kanye West from Valentine’s Day.


“A thousand roses,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Lena Dunham tweeted a sweet photo of her boyfriend Jack Antonoff and their adorable dog with the caption: “sweetheart patrol #Vday.”


Miranda Kerr posted on her Instagram account an adorable pic of herself and her son Flynn, 3, both wearing matching socks, with the caption: “Me and my little love #happyvalentinesday.”


Zooey Deschanel her adorable furry dogs wished “Happy Valentines Day!!!” to everyone.