Apple executives met with Tesla CEO

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has met with Adrian Perica, mergers and acquisitions chief at Apple, last spring.

The report notes that the meeting suggests that Apple is not seeking a partnership, but rather the acquisition of Tesla.

The report reads: “In October 2013, German investment banking analyst Adnaan Ahmad created a media stir when he wrote an “open letter” to Apple CEO Tim Cook and board director Al Gore, urging the company to acquire Tesla. […]

Six months before Ahmad’s letter, Musk met with Perica and probably Cook at Apple headquarters, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect business relationships. While a megadeal has yet to emerge (for all of its cash, Apple still plays hardball on valuation), such a high-level meeting between the two Silicon Valley giants involving their top dealmakers suggests Apple was very much interested in buying the electric car pioneer.”

The publication also writes that Cupertino is interested in medical devices, with the aim to detect signs before a heart attack by monitoring the sounds emitted by the blood flow.

This project is reportedly assigned to Tomlinson Holman, the well-known audio engineer responsible for the THX sound standard and 10.2 surround sound.

“Though Apple has never confirmed it, the company hired Holman in 2011 to “provide audio direction,” according to his LinkedIn profile. At the time, observers assumed Holman would focus his efforts on boosting the audio quality of MacBooks and iPhones,” the publication writes.

But under Holman, Apple is exploring ways to measure noise “turbulence” as it applies to blood flow. The company wants to develop software and sensors that can predict heart attacks by identifying the sound blood makes as it tries to move through an artery clogged with plaque, the source said.”

The two companies have yet to comment on the reports.