iPhone 6 rumors: Apple bought 3-year supply of sapphire displays, Canonical CEO says

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth claims that Apple has created a supply of sapphire displays which should be sufficient over the next three years.

The site notes that the iPhone 6 could mount screens that would use the material.

“Apple just snapped up three year’s worth of the supply of sapphire screens from the company that we had engaged to make the screens for the Edge,” he said during a Town Hall Hangout on Wednesday.

“Isn’t it interesting that how many of the things we said the future needed to include are showing up on other people’s roadmaps…Apple has also started describing their latest-generation mobile CPUs as desktop-class. That’s another thing we said we need to have in the Edge was a desktop-class CPU. And we’re starting to see the roadmaps for the devices from Samsung and others that have the same amount of RAM we were proposing for the Edge.”

GT Advanced Technologies, a company that specializes in the production of sapphire and which Apple purchased in 2013, has bought a significant amount of equipment dedicated to the production of sapphire.